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What is Academic Language Therapy?

Academic Language Therapy is for people, adults and children, who exhibit delays or disorders in listening, vocabulary, reading, writing, spelling, and literacy.

What is dyslexia?

Texas Education Code (TEC) §38.003 defines dyslexia and related disorders in the following way: “Dyslexia” means a disorder of constitutional origin manifested by a difficulty in learning to read, write, or spell, despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence, and sociocultural opportunity. “Related disorders” include disorders similar to or related to dyslexia, such as developmental auditory imperception, dysphasia, specific developmental dyslexia, developmental dysgraphia, and developmental spelling disability.

Texas Dyslexia Handbook

What is a CALT?

ALTA Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALTs) provide diagnostic, explicit, systematic Multisensory Structured Language intervention which builds a high degree of accuracy, knowledge, and independence for students with written-language disorders, including dyslexia. -ALTA

Demi Spicak


“ Mrs. Slaughter is an amazing teacher. She has made such a huge impact on my child with dyslexia. He hated reading because he would just get frustrated and give up. She has been working with him since 2nd grade. He's now in 5th grade and loves reading. She treats the kids like they are her own. Encourages them in such a positive way for them to feel more confident in themselves. I absolutely love her and the way she has taught my kid to make him feel like dyslexia isn't a problem anymore with everyday tasks at school. He will be able to use the tecniques she has taught him through the MTA dyslexia program."

Kelly Carbonara

Lead Dyslexia Specialist, Waco ISD

" I have known and worked with Haley for the past 14 years as a dyslexia specialist. She exemplifies professionalism, patience, and kindness while working with students. She was trained by quality instructors and has her Master’s Degree and CALT certification. She assesses students for dyslexia and provides their instruction. I highly recommend and encourage you to reach out to Haley for your student’s reading/dyslexia needs."
Leasa Minyard
SIT/ Intervention Teacher

 "I have been very impressed with the classes Mrs. Slaughter has done. Her students make great gains within months because of the personal relationship she has with them.  I would highly recommend using Mrs. Slaughter for your child who struggles with Dyslexia.

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